Family owned and operated since 1962


The refuse collected by route trucks is processed in our Material Recovery Facility, exposing all recyclables to maximum recovery efforts.


Through the combined efforts of individuals, communities, organizations, businesses and government, the amount recycled and reused continues to improve. 

****Important To Know****

  We cannot service areas that are blocked by snow or other
obstacles.  Crews are working hard to get to everyone during
this stormy season, but dumpsters, enclosures, and 
bear boxes must be cleared of snow and vehicles.     
Thank you for your patience and support!

South Tahoe Refuse MUST have the current combination.
South Tahoe Refuse is not responsible for lost, broken, missing, or
otherwise unusable locking devices.   Please make sure they are in working order and your bin is accessible for garbage removal.  Thank you!
                    Please be mindful of proper garbage storage to keep animals out until garbage can be collected on your regular service day.         
               Bear boxes must be clear of obstacles so they can be serviced.                                            
 As of January 1, 2019 We No Longer Service Utility/Job Boxes

Residential Service is NOT affected by Holidays, we will be there!
Please make sure your garbage is out no later than 7am on your regular service day!  Thank you!

​                                                                         Click here for an application


South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling is now accepting applications for full-time, seasonal positions. 

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Stay up-to-date with service information and community events. 
​​​Please Support The Efforts in the Community to​​                 
Keep Tahoe Clean and Litter Free!
                                                 **** Remember to contain your garbage in cans with lids
                                                                Be a part of the solution to mitigate animal access!



                   Need a Bear Box?  We Can Help!

                    Utility Box/Job Box Information

Bear Box Loan Infomation

Did you know?

"​Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  It’s a balancing act, but everyone can do their part.  Less demand, means less stress on the environment to provide for us now, as well as future generations. Just using less plastic has a huge impact. ​​


Try eliminating just 1 plastic item in your life for one week..could you live without out it now?
Even small efforts support sustainability!  Conservation or smart use of water, fuels, energy, or commercially processed food, can make a difference now and in the future!


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