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Important Reminders

Please make note of the following and be sure all on-site staff is aware:

  • We require at least 24 hours notice for special pickup requests/on-call pickup orders.
  • Collection trucks run Monday-Friday including ALL holidays.
  • Be sure vehicles or other items aren’t blocking the container on your pickup day.
  • Enclosure doors and gates must be clear of cars, snow and ice, and any other obstacles. They must open beyond 90 degrees to avoid damage to them.
  • Our drivers will do their best to complete your service request. However, repeated trips due to containers being inaccessible will be subject to service charges.


Overfilled Containers

To reduce litter and wildlife conflicts, all trash must fit inside your container. Do not allow it to overflow. If it is getting full before your regular pickup day, you can always request a special pickup by calling our office at 530-541-5105. Just give us at least 24 hours notice.

Don’t let this happen!


Locking your Container

Using a padlock is a great way to secure your dumpster from wildlife and illegal dumping, but please remember that South Tahoe Refuse cannot service key locks. Please use a combination lock and provide our office with the combo. Keep your material secured without having to remember to unlock it yourself before we service it!








Recycling Services

Want to separate recyclable material at your business? We have containers available for mixed recycling (plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, & cardboard) as well as cardboard only. Separated recycling containers aren’t required for commercial customers – STR will continue to sort through commercial bins for recyclables – but they are encouraged and are provided at a discounted rate. Contact us to set up service today: 530-541-5105.


Did you know?

  • In 2023, we recycled 2,234,000 pounds of cardboard!
  • Cardboard drop-off is free for all subscribing customers.


Is your business required to separate food waste?

If you are a restaurant operating in California, you’re most likely required to separate your food waste from the rest of your trash. The requirement stems from California State laws SB 1383 and AB 1826, and local jurisdictions are beginning to enforce the requirements.
South Tahoe Refuse staff can help you set up service, instruct you on how the program works, and bring you educational materials to help make it as simple as possible for you and your employees. We can also determine if you qualify for an exemption due to minimal volumes of food waste or lack of space for a separate food waste dumpster. Contact us at or 530-541-5105 to learn more.

Food waste sorting experts! The owners of Verde report it’s a simple procedure to incorporate food waste separation in the kitchen.


Meet your customer service team   

With South Tahoe Refuse you know you’ll always have a live, local person to assist with all your account needs, and we have a great Customer Service team ready to serve you. Our Customer Service reps can help you with things such as:

  • Keeping your account updated – it’s important that we have the correct contact info for your business.
  • Changing your service – either container size or pickup frequency
  • Providing pricing for various service level options
  • Helping to determine if you need food waste, yard waste, or recycling containers

Please call 530-541-5105 or come by our office. Our Customer Service office is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.







Patty, Jenny, Aime, Barbara, and Tammy from our Customer Service team are available to answer questions and help with changes to your account.


Keep your costs down by separating organic material

New California regulations require that STR separate organic material from the garbage. If you bring material for drop-off, please be aware that green waste such as pine needles, wood chips, slash, grass/sod, branches, and stumps must be separated from non-organic material and delivered to the Resource Recovery Facility at 2121 Eloise Ave. We accept credit/debit cards at the RRF or you can sign up for an account through our office. Cash is not accepted at the RRF. For loads that have organic material mixed in with other material, you will be charged a $100/yard contamination rate.






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