marker2140 Ruth Avenue, CA marker(530) 541-5105
marker(530) 541-5105

Food Waste

STR’s Resource Recovery Facility is Now Accepting Residential Food Waste. 

Thank you for helping to keep organic waste away from the landfill!

Important Details of the Program

Opening Hours and Location

Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, 8am – 5pm

2121 Eloise Ave. – No charge

Customer Type

Residential customers only. Please stop at the RRF booth to verify your address.

What type of waste do we accept?

Food only! No trash, paper, “compostable” material, or anything other than food. All types of food scraps are acceptable (dairy, meat, bones, etc.)

Limit per week

The limit is 5 gallons per customer per week. We suggest bringing it in a bucket or reusable container (bags are ok too, we’ll have a separate container for them). 


All bear boxes must have a clear shoveled path and the doors must be accessible. Please check your bear boxes to ensure the doors are not frozen shut. All dumpsters must be clear of berms, shoveled out, and rollable if they need to be rolled for service.

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