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Residential Services

Residential Trash

Trash service is mandatory for all California homeowners in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Having proper service helps from the contamination of hazardous disease-causing materials from entering our environment and waterways.

Pick-up times are subject to change without notice.
Residential Service is NOT affected by Holidays, we will be there!
Please have garbage out no later than 7:00 am on your pick-up day.

The refuse collected by route trucks is processed in our Material Recovery Facility, exposing all recyclables to maximize recovery efforts.

Pick-Up Times

Pick-up times for residential service are subject to change without notice. Please have your garbage out by 7:00 am the day of service. 

Pick-Up Days

Once assigned, your trash pick-up day will remain the same. Visit the “Find Your Pick Up Day” tab to see your waste collection schedule.

What You Need to Do
  • Contain all garbage in cans with lids, even in bear boxes!
  • Bagging your garbage to reduce odors.
  • Putting your garbage out the morning of pickup, by 7am.
Important Information

If you choose to lock your dumpster, South Tahoe Refuse must have the current combination. We are not responsible for lost, broken, missing, or otherwise unusable locking devices. Please make sure they are in working order and your bin is accessible for garbage removal. Thank you!

Garbage collectors will NOT pick up any loose garbage. All trash must be contained in bags within trashcans and secured with a lid. If trash becomes scattered outside of its container, it is the responsibility of the customer to pick it up due to the elevated risk to STR employees.

Customer service representatives are available by calling (530) 541-5105.

Residential Rate Information

El Dorado County residential rate information can be found here.

City of South Lake Tahoe rate information can be found here

Douglas County rate information can be found here


Acceptable Totes

We gladly service 32-gallon type garbage cans.

  • Garbage must be in suitable 32-gallon or 45-gallon garbage containers, with tight-fitting lids.
  • Garbage cans must weigh less than 50 lbs.
  • Yard waste (unbagged) in cans, or can be in durable, tied, plastic bags, weighing less than 30lbs.
  • Please consider yard waste in cans without bags!
  • Our employees will not try to lift heavy bags, totes or deal with loose garbage. Bagging garbage also reduces litter and odors that attract wildlife.
Nevada Residential Customers

Trash service is not mandatory for Nevada residential customers.

What Goes Where?

Type the name of a waste item and we will tell you where and how to recycle or dispose of it.

STR has FREE drop off of Clean Green Waste/Vegetation.

Residential Recycling

South Tahoe Refuse Recycles 65%. 

We are proud to offer Blue Bag Recycling to our customers. This curbside recycling program is easy and free for our residential customers.

Recycling Info

Is all plastic recyclable? What plastic is used to make what? Find out here!

Mattress Recycling Information

Click below to learn what you need to know about mattress recycling

Additional Recycling Information

Click the button below to study the Blue Bag Pamphlet.

How can I recycle at home?

Simply empty any food and beverage containers and place all of your acceptable recyclable materials in your recycling blue bag so that they can be easily sorted at the Material Recovery Facility.

Not sure if an item is recyclable? Use our Waste Wizard above to see if your item can be placed in your Blue Bag.

Fill your Blue Bags, but don’t overstuff them. Blue Bags should weigh less than 30 lbs. Tie Blue Bags; this keeps recyclables clean and separate from the trash which is collected in the same truck. Please use only the blue recycle bags provided. Remember to place your blue recycle bag out next to your garbage can on your regular pick-up day. Place a Blue Bag out for each bag of trash and receive a new Blue Bag in return. Click here for more information!

How can I recycle my yard waste?

Place yard waste cans (50lb limit) away from your household garbage cans. Your green waste will be picked up on your regular collection day and recycled at our Resource Recovery Facility. We pick up plastic bags of green waste, (30lb limit) but consider reducing the use of plastic bags when
possible. Plastic bags do not break down organically and require additional processing.

Click here for more information on how to recycle your yard waste for FREE.

We also recycle...
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Thermometers
  • Pesticides
  • Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze

These items can be recycled at our Household Hazardous Waste facility

Be Water Wise!

Water is not required to clean food containers. Other methods include wiping items using a paper towel or wet wipe. Many food containers can be drained by simply placing the container upside down for a time.

Want to ‘break up’ with plastic and support sustainability efforts?

Check out this video from the UN Environment Programme!

We are pleased to offer a variety of containers and services to our commercial customers. All containers must be available for service by 4 am on the scheduled pickup day(s).

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