marker2140 Ruth Avenue, CA marker(530) 541-5105
marker(530) 541-5105

Recycling Buy-Back Center

Buy-Back Info

South Tahoe Recycling Buy-Back Center is open Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 4pm.

2192 Ruth Avenue South Lake Tahoe
(530) 542-8344.

Help us to keep it open by carefully following instructions.  Please stay tuned for further updates!
Thank you for your cooperation! At the South Tahoe Recycling Buy Back Center, you may redeem eligible materials for their buy-back value.

You may also donate your recyclables to numerous participating charitable organizations of your choice within our community.

Please separate CA redemption from other containers and by material type.

Receive cash for aluminum, glass and plastic

Receive cash for recyclable materials marked with:

  • CA Redemption Value (CRV)
  • CA Cash Value and 
  • CA Cash Refund
All other non-CRV/out-of-state beverage and food containers can be recycled at
STR’s Transfer Station Recycle Bin
2140 Ruth Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, California

Click below to find out California Recycle rates as of July 1, 2022-current

Out of State Recycling Requirements for Imported Empty Beverage Container Materials
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