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Our History

Founded in 1962

South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling Co. Inc was founded in 1962 by Achille “Til” Marchini, John Marchini, and Roger Tillman when they purchased Serve-U- Garbage from Guido Ponti. One year later Bennie Ratto became a partner to help move the company forward since he and Til worked together in Mill Valley CA. The ownership changed again in 1967 when Carol Sesser bought out Roger Tillman to work with her family. In 1971 South Tahoe Refuse built one of the first transfer stations in California and the first bi-state transfer station on the west coast.

Mill Valley, CA

With the primary purpose of protecting the natural beauty of Tahoe, proper solid waste practices became a priority. South Tahoe Refuse has followed this path going forward by opening the Materials Recovery Center, Resource Recovery Center, and other waste reduction programs to divert 60% of solid waste going to landfills. We are proud to serve the City of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, and Douglas County Nevada

Refuse and Recycling:

Recycle and reuse is nothing new and is something Til and Bennie showed us from the very beginning. They used the word “scavenging” to gather material that had a value and could be resold, such as metal, paper, bottles, and even old bones that could be sold to produce soap. Often times, if something was still useable for the company it was fixed from other scraps and used. If materials that someone else would consider garbage were usable to the company it was, Bennie set up a small area at the landfill to offer old bikes, car parts, anything that he felt someone could use instead of deposing it. As we move forward it is safe to say that looking back at our past is the best way to deal with the future.

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